Monday, March 29, 2010

The Masochism Tango

Once again technology and I have danced the deadly dance, in which I make sure I don’t have any hammers in easy reach, and unfortunately I lost. Again. My track record with technology is not a good one. This could have something to do with everything I learned about computers I learned from my father who would just slam the keyboard until it “fixed itself” or would hit the blue screen of death, at which point he would turn off the machine and leave it alone for a little while. I guess he thought it would pout it out. The machine/ paper weight I took to college with me the first time had only dial up capabilities and had a surly habit of eating my documents and or floppy disks if it was so inclined. I have many hard copies of my writing efforts of that time because if I didn’t make a hard copy it was very likely it would be lost forever. The next computer I got with inheritance money from an unfortunate passing in the family crashed about three days after I got it, defective mother board. They replaced it for “free” with a slightly down-graded model which lasted me three years!! Though about two years after I got it I had to leave it on all the time because it started like a dying cat when I tried to turn it on. It actually wheezed. The computer after that, which is currently out of commission on a geek squad friend’s coffee table, was a wonderful machine, except that it picked up viruses like Augustus Gloop meets Godiva Chocolates. I have tried about 9 different virus protection programs on this machine, but it always finds the doozies. Last year, I picked up a key logger, who hacked into every account I owned, even bloody Livejournal, before I got it off my computer and reset everything. Thank god we are poor or he might have actually stolen us blind. Then there was the time I managed to put two computers out of whack in six hours while writing a paper. One permanently.

The latest doozy, was just as much my fault as anyone else. The Hubby and I went out for a date night, leaving Malcolm in the capable care of people we trusted, but unfortunately, people who also know jack about computers. I’m not even sure what sites they were cruising or possibly downloading, it’s not their fault they were ignorant of my computer’s junkie like addiction to viruses. The virus/plague/malady we did get this time I didn’t know was there until I realized something was wrong with my documents. Such as the first two saved documents I opened, literally ate themselves. (By the way would you happen to have chapter three of the Blue Zone still in your email?) It just got worse from there. Geek squad friend says it was attacking program files. I did not know they made viruses that did that. It’s kinda sad but I wish I was dealing with possible identity theft again. Then at least I wouldn’t have had to get a new computer.

And then there is the lappy. I guess I should be grateful my hubby was already saving up for it, I just wish it wasn’t necessary to buy it six months ahead of schedule. Early birthday present, even though we had to call in a few favors to afford it.

As it is, communications have been iffy. I am just finding out many of my emails never made it out of my inbox. Pointed question to professor: have you received any emails from me in the past few weeks? Two professors haven’t and my parents actually called me in a panic because I wasn’t responding to their emails. I don’t know if you put an emergency phone number on my syllabus because I didn’t have a hard copy at the time of computer self implosion. Right now I am playing catch up on a few playing fields. I am terrified my financial aid paperwork did not go through. I just got the computer department to open up my black board login account again. I am worried about some bills that were supposed to be paid. Things have been a bit stressful lately. Tell me what is happening on your end?

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Karen Romano Young said...


I actually DIDN'T get your emails. Did you get mine? I was getting ready to tell Brian I hadn't heard from you -- usually my course of action; you are not the first student to go AWOL. At first I just thought you'd slid behind; you had posted about computer problems and illness on Facebook. But after a while it seemed uncharacteristic, so I tried to get in touch. In any case, you seem to be making a valiant effort to catch up. I'm pretty sure I had chapter 3 still in my email file, and will send it to you.

I'll also try to call you back late this afternoon. I'm taking part in a program to get authors/illustrators into city schools, and I'll be in Bridgeport today doing that. It's my last day of 3, so I'll be more available from tomorrow on.

By the way, I am not going to be able to go to the session in NYC on the 14th but encourage you to do so if you are able to.

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