Monday, March 29, 2010

The Masochism Tango, the typist’s lament

A shorter entry, really to vent my frustration more than anything.

I want someone to explain to me why it takes longer to type out handwritten work than it does to actually hand write the work? It seems like it is taking three times as long to type my chapters into the computer than it did originally writing the entries out long hand. Where is the big hiccup I wonder? Is it in glancing back and forth from paper to screen and needing to find my place again every time, the constant need to go back and correct what my oh so nimble fingers have gargled on the screen, or perhaps it’s the teeth gritting need to correct all the obvious glaring errors in my spelling and grammar, not that I catch half of them anyway until I go back to see what I’ve written. I know realize one of the reasons I truly stopped writing out my work long hand was the frustrations I have with copying the text onto the computer screen. That and it became harder and harder to read my hand writing, unless I wrote in cursive at which point my hand would cramp up.

Okay frustration vented. Back to the typing board.

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Karen Romano Young said...

Seems as though you're revising as you type, so give yourself a break. It's not just mindless copying. As you type you're hearing your words in your head -- possibly for the first time -- and evaluating them. Essentially, the typed draft is a new draft. Know also that when you write by hand, you use a different part of your brain that you do when you type -- it's scientifically proven. This is possibly why you write longhand in the first place (because that's the part of your brain you need to access), and it's possibly why the words feel different when you type them in.

Just. Keep. Going!

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