Monday, January 23, 2012

Life as I know it

This is life right now.

The New Year has brought many changes to my life, most I hope for the better.

Some things haven't changed, still struggling to make ends meet, still trying to keep my head on my shoulders, still fighting numerous bouts of depression.

But there are a lot of things worth fighting for.
I have a new baby, born in November, I have more motivations, more dreams, more plans. I have a job, thats always a blessing in times like these, it's kept the roof over our heads. Hubby is finally in school after much niggling on my part, thank you very much. But what's really got me psyched is I've been finding more and more motivation to write.

Don't know how many writers go through funks like these. It's not really an artist temperment per se so much as flagging during the race of life. Sometimes I feel how much debt we have to dig ourselves out of and it gets hard to breathe. Worst of it is, compared to some, we actually aren't that bad off. Despite that fact, it still feels bad, it's a feeling I have to push through every time I sit down at the computer to write. Some days I can't.
Somehow though, after having another child, it gets easier to fight that feeling, not because it's lessened but because I have gotten stronger, realizing I can handle more than I thought I could.

The motto is revitalized: Keep on truckin'.

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