Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hospitals are unexpected creative rechargers...

Having spent a good three hours today in the Emergency Room with no reading materials and truthfully no want to read even if they were available, I can honestly say when you have nothing better to do than sit there and think, you do a lot of thinking.
I spent my first half hour there concentrating on how much I didn't want to be there but once I got past that I was able to think on a more constructive level. (Consequently I am alright, I contracted a nasty UTI that laid me pretty low though.) And I realize, I don't often have the opportunity to sit and think for two or more hours. I had to start thinking of my story or my surroundings were going to drive me nuts. Plus thinking of the Blue Zone took my mind off how yucky I was feeling. (yes I said yucky)
Truthfully it was a bit of a blessing, even if it was a painful one, to be able to think alone, in a relative quiet and definitely sterile environment. Normally I am trying to think surrounded by some noise or another, or in between patrons at work. In the time I had waiting in a ER room, I think I worked out some tweaks in my story line that have been bothering me for a while. I even thought of some character histories, some of which I promptly forgot when I got home since I had nothing to write with at the time. Nonetheless, I feel my hospital stay was a good brainstorming session. But I wouldn't do it again any time soon.

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